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İngilizce Ön Yazı Örneği 2

İngilizce ön yazı örneği

Dear Sir/Madam,

I would like to be considered for a challenging position in a progressive organization, which will allow me to further enhance my professional skills.

I have been working in XXX Company for nine years. Having different responsibilities in this highly competitive multinational environment, I had the opportunity to develop my expertise and capabilities. I am currently Field Marketing Coordinator for East Mediterranean area. My main responsibility is to initiate, develop and implement integrated marketing & communication activities so as to increase brand awareness, loyalty and sales. In my resume, some examples of these marketing activities have been stated.

As a Business Coordinator for four years, my projects for Central Asia have helped business to grow and to increase brand awareness to highest levels. I have developed close relationships with strategic distributor partners. With my interpersonal skills and success in persuasion, I have convinced them to work for a common goal.

I will appreciate you considering my attached resume for potential posts related to my professional background and my skills. I will be very pleased to meet you and discuss my career objectives at your earliest convenience.



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